The Living Forward Alliance is dedicated to women with criminal justice histories who are on community supervision for drug related offenses and living in a residential facility under the supervision of the Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.

It is a service and education program that gives them a singularly effective way to rethink their histories and rewrite their futures. This one-year program makes real freedom achievable, and it triggers a positive and sustainable shift in beliefs and behaviors that makes it possible for them to obtain work, rebuild their families and reclaim their place in the community.

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Mentee Program

In Living Forward Alliance, we believe that women who have been incarcerated for various reasons can overcome adversity in their lives. We believe that working with these women at the core level of WHO THEY ARE, as spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and biological beings, they will have a better chance of making different choices. Our work has been designed from decades of research on and practice in human transformation. At the heart of this work is one profound principle: When human beings are able to re-identify who they have become in a life that is no longer working for them, they are able to develop make new choices and develop new habits that sustain their ability to have a higher quality of life and be contributing citizens.

The core levels of human being we will work with include:

At this level the women will began to see how they are part of the greater whole.  They will realize that they are not broken, and they do not need fixing.  They will learn how to nurture and conceive of themselves as people who are in a larger transformative process, much the same as a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly. They will learn this while also not giving themselves any more space to make choices that do not support their continued transformation to living a quality life.

At this level, we will work with women to uncover and redesign the identity they used to make the non-working choices in their lives that led to being incarcerated.  They will learn to re-identify themselves in a way that moves them fast forward in creating a high quality of life, and make choices and take action consistent with this life.

At this level, the women will learn to develop behaviors that align with positive choices.

EMOTIONS-This is a powerful place for anyone to begin to intervene in one’s life.  Emotions act as glue to holding in place negative as well as positive beliefs women make about themselves. Women will learn to manage their emotions in a way that support the quality of life they commit themselves to as participants in LFA.

These are detrimental statements, words, or a perceived lack (i.e. lack of money, lack of praise, lack of love) women started to embrace when they were young.  For example, a woman in a home where dad was not around and mom was working three jobs to make ends meet may develop the following belief about herself: “I am not loveable. I am not valuable.” The more women act out of these beliefs as if they are real, the more they become cemented as a place from which women make their choices. Our work will be to support women in uncovering and redesigning their beliefs.

The physical and mental space that surrounds women as they grow up has an impact on the choices that will work or not work for them. As participants in LFA, women will have the opportunity to re-create the physical and mental space in which they live and work, thereby supporting their ability to make consistent positive choices.