The Living Forward Alliance is dedicated to women with criminal justice histories who are on community supervision for drug related offenses and living in a residential facility under the supervision of the Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.

It is a service and education program that gives them a singularly effective way to rethink their histories and rewrite their futures. This one-year program makes real freedom achievable, and it triggers a positive and sustainable shift in beliefs and behaviors that makes it possible for them to obtain work, rebuild their families and reclaim their place in the community.

What we do

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Our Approach


The Living Forward Alliance brings together women from all walks of life around our community who volunteer to work with women newly released for community supervision from the Harris County Community Supervision And Corrections Department. The program is not mandatory—participants must choose to participate freely; when they do, they become part of a comprehensive program that restores them to the whole and empowered person they are meant to be, a program that truly sets them free to live a positive life, accomplish their dreams and restore broken relationships.

The program is a year in length, and takes place at the Harris County Residential Facility. During this year, the participants take part in a proven and structured curriculum of transformation, with regular classes, one-on-one sessions with facilitators, support from their mentors and more.


The curriculum for the Living Forward Alliance is based on several unique principles:

Ontological Coaching – This involves specific and effective techniques for changing a person’s worldview so that they can release limiting beliefs and eliminate unwanted behaviors and patterns. This differs from performance coaching which deals primarily with goals and actions and not the beliefs that drive counter-productive behavior.

NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) – NeuroLinguistic Programming is a blend of visualization, linguistics and techniques for teaching how to think effectively, not what to think. It is a proven technology designed to give individuals more choices, a greater degree of control in their personal and professional lives, higher self-esteem and a heightened sense of power over the self in all environments.

The Living Forward Alliance program stresses experiential learning, a high level of interactive coaching and lots and lots of practice.


The purposes of the program are clear:

• To fundamentally alter the attitudes and core beliefs women have about themselves

• To create a whole new appreciation for what it means to willingly choose to take responsibility for their choices, behaviors, results and the consequences of their actions

• To alter the conversation they have about themselves and life from one of no possibility to one rich with possibilities,

• To produce a new set of thinking, language and results in their lives

• To empower women to stand with dignity and a new sense of self-worth, accountable for the past and drawing wisdom from it, yet not determined by it