The Living Forward Alliance is dedicated to women with criminal justice histories who are on community supervision for drug related offenses and living in a residential facility under the supervision of the Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.

It is a service and education program that gives them a singularly effective way to rethink their histories and rewrite their futures. This one-year program makes real freedom achievable, and it triggers a positive and sustainable shift in beliefs and behaviors that makes it possible for them to obtain work, rebuild their families and reclaim their place in the community.

Programs and events

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Mentor Program

The term “mentor” is borrowed from the male guide, Mentor, in the Greek tale of Homer’s timeless tale of Odysseus. Mentor was a faithful friend into whose care world-wandering hero entrusted his son, Telemachus. Mentor’s job was to guide the prince’s development while his father was fighting the Trojan War. Because it was important for Telemachus, the future king, to be prepared, he needed someone committed to him and his possibility.

Traditionally, mentoring is viewed as a dyadic, face-to-face, long term relationship between a supervisory adult and a novice student that fosters the mentee’s professional, personal and academic development.

As a mentor, you are a committed partner to both your mentee and the whole team of mentors for Living Forward Alliance.

The Mentoring training program (2 ½) days is a critical aspect of the LFA mentoring program and is for people who are committed to a year long, one on one relationship with a female mentee. The program is designed to have participants be a “committed partner.”

During the workshop participants will examine their assumptions about women and violence, drugs, ethnicity, weight, class, etc. They discover what it takes to create and maintain powerful relationships with their mentee, and how to build constructive relationships, if necessary, with the mentees’ family. We also address possible problems that may arise during the year and how to work successful through those.


  • The necessary conditions for connecting, the main ingredient for successful communication
  • Four easy methods for effective communication
  • The power of “worldview”
  • How to develop practices to aid the mentees is observing themselves so they can make other choices
  • Questioning to promote discovery and acknowledgement.
  • Coaching on conflict avoidance and resolution, even with difficult people and situations
  • The power of “Intent” and the creation of success: Learn how to help your mentee create conversations and actions that attract success.
  • How to operate with integrity and generate that in others
  • About the female brain and the stages of development of women
  • To speak and listen so that what’s intended is created
  • The language of acknowledgement and love

Program Facilitators
Joyce Christie - Ready 2 Fly
Ann McMaster - Life As It Is
Jackie Verity -Job Search 101
Linda Bedre -The Clarity Process
Bettie Spruill: Guest Facilitator 2014 vs 2013 - Feminine Face of Leadership

Workshop Information:

         For more information about dates and times please call 713.240.7075

If you are ready to get involved as mentor, CLICK HERE to complete the application.