The Living Forward Alliance is dedicated to women with criminal justice histories who are on community supervision for drug related offenses and living in a residential facility under the supervision of the Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.

It is a service and education program that gives them a singularly effective way to rethink their histories and rewrite their futures. This one-year program makes real freedom achievable, and it triggers a positive and sustainable shift in beliefs and behaviors that makes it possible for them to obtain work, rebuild their families and reclaim their place in the community.

What we do

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The Challenge


For a child of an addicted mother, the experience of being trapped in her own personal prison can begin at birth. Growing up in a rough environment with few positive role models, hearing pessimistic messages from many sources, being surrounded by negative behavior and getting much blame and little encouragement reinforce negative outcomes as the child grows up. Getting involved with a bad crowd, abusing or becoming addicted to intoxicating substances, being sexually active early, physically and sexually abused, making mistakes and feeling the disappointment of family and friends only add to low self esteem and negative attitudes and expectations.

Without positive skills and on a path of self-destruction, these women are frequently branded by society as “undesirables” who are able to commit terrible crimes as they try to quench their uncontrollable pain. By the time many women enter prison, they are convinced that “That’s just me and that’s the way life is.” They lose hope in themselves and achieving something better. Despite good intentions, getting out of jail doesn’t necessarily mean their lives will get better. Change that truly lasts must come from the inside out.